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Aromica showers

Aromica shower for everyday luxury. Aromica showers correct low pressure and washing power. The water-saving shower saves up to 50% on water consumption. The Aromica shower can be fitted with a shower filter or moisturising aromas.

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  • SALE ARO800 shower promotional package includes three extra aromas or power filters

    ARO800 shower offer package

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  • SALE The Aromica ARO900 filtration package includes power filters and activated carbon filters. The filters remove odours, chlorine, iron, rust and other contaminants

    ARO900 filtration package

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  • SALE ARO900 SUMMER OFFER package with extra aromas or filters

    ARO900 offer package

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  • SALE The ARO LUXE Aromica shower brings you a full-bodied shower experience. The shower uses plenty of water.

    Shower Aromica LUXE

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  • WS800 efficient water saving shower

    Water saving shower WS800

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  • Shower head Aromica ARO900. Strong shower, filtering and aromatherapy in the home shower.

    Shower Aromica ARO800

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  • SALE ARO800WH white Aromica shower

    Shower Aromica ARO800WH white

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  • Shower head Aromica ARO900. Strong shower, filtering and aromatherapy in the home shower.

    Shower Aromica ARO900

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  • SALE White shower Aromica ARO900WH is our NEW product in white.

    Shower Aromica ARO900WH white

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Aromica showers: washing power meets pleasure - A new generation of shower

Every shower becomes an enjoyable experience. Aromica showers are not just showers; they are a source of daily well-being, combining powerful washing power and deep relaxation in a unique way.

Washing power that awakens the senses

Aromica's advanced shower technology allows water to flow at the perfect pressure, effectively cleansing the skin while soothing and nourishing it. Each drop of water is designed to maximise cleansing power without drying or irritating the skin.

Enjoyable aromas

What makes Aromica sprays special are the subtle aromas they contain. Choose from soothing notes of lavender to energising lemon, and let the natural fragrances transport you into a state of relaxation. The aromas not only cheer you up, but also promote a positive mood and well-being.

A shower is a basic accessory in every modern living space.

Aromica showers can be fitted with a shower filter. A shower filter is a filter installed inside the shower that removes impurities from the water and protects the bathroom from the build-up of limescale and other dirt. The ACF (activated carbon filter) also removes chlorine and odours.

Vitamin C flavours can be used in showers, which contain vitamin C, Aloe Vera, vegetable glycerine, snail serum and milk powder in addition to the flavouring. Clean water, healthier, more beautiful skin. Many people have found these helpful in treating atopic skin and psoriasis.

Water-saving shower

The use of water-saving showers has several advantages in terms of environmental and economic savings. Here are some important benefits:

Saving water

Water consumption is an important environmental factor, as it directly affects the sustainability of water resources. A water-saving shower can save up to 20-50% in water consumption compared to a conventional shower. The water and energy savings come from the washing performance. The shower washes faster and with less water.

Save money

Saving water also leads to financial savings, as lower water consumption in the shower means lower water bills. So buying a water-saving shower can be an investment that pays for itself quickly.

Energy saving

By using less water in the shower and washing faster, less energy is needed to heat water in your household. This can help to reduce energy consumption and thus reduce your environmental impact. A district heating system will usually save you €25 per person per year in Finland.

A more comfortable shower experience

Water-saving showers are generally no different in appearance to a normal shower and have evolved in design to provide as much, if not more, enjoyment than a normal shower. The superior washing power means you wash faster and shampoos, conditioners and soaps are more effectively rinsed from the body.

Environmental friendliness

Protecting the environment is important and every little action can help. Using water-saving shower heads is one way to reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment.

Would you like a new, more efficient shower?

Aromica fits most common shower models and you can change it yourself.

Our range includes timeless and durable shower designs in chrome, white and a touch of rose gold. Aromica ARO900 is our most popular shower. This shower is also available in a matt black version. Easy to keep clean, this black shower has a matt finish that won't leave fingerprints or stains.

The shower brings a spa level experience to your home by correcting poor washing performance, pampering your skin with vitamin c aromas and moisturising natural ingredients. The shower washes faster and with less water.

High quality shower

Looking for a quality shower for your bathroom? We offer a diverse range of shower products that provide a unique shower experience and meet your bathroom needs.

We have a range of showers to suit different preferences and needs. You can choose a rain shower, which offers a wide and soft water flow, or an energetic shower model, which provides a powerful and massaging water pressure. Our showers emphasise washing performance and water and energy saving features.

Quality showers offer you a daily moment of relaxation and a refreshing shower experience. They are easy to install and are ideal for new bathrooms as well as for renovations.

When you buy your showers from us, you can count on quality and durability. Our products are made from durable materials and meet high quality standards. We also offer competitive prices and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Come and browse our wide range of shower products and find the shower and showerhead that's right for you. We're ready to help you choose the perfect shower products and ensure a pleasant shower experience every day.

Why choose us

3 Reasons to choose us

New look for bathroom

Aroma Sense is suitable for the most common shower designs and you can make the switch yourself. The design of the shower heads is timeless and durable.

Spa at home

The soft but effective aroma sense shower flow rubs your skin and aromagels lightly release the scent.

Always a clean bathroom

Aroma Sense has a powerful filter, less lime scale and dirt in the bathroom. You can change the filter when required.

Customer experiences

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