For guests Shower pleasure

Staying at the hotel is always an experience that too often reminds me of a bad shower. Aroma Sense is a shower pleasure every time and supports the experience business.

Aroma Sense shower is a memorable shower pleasure for guests

Aroma Sense makes everyday showering a luxurious pleasure. Thanks to its unique technology, Aroma Sense caresses the skin and moisturizes dry skin and hair. As with aromatherapy, you can choose the scent you want to float in your bathroom. Thanks to the filtration, the shower area also remains clean.

Aroma Sense is good for the hair, as the shower head makes the water lake-like. What could be better for the hair? After shower washing, the hair is easily combed and feels good. Many people have noticed that thanks to Aroma Sense, there is no greenish shade on the hair. This is because Aroma Sense filters iron and copper from the water.
Courtyard by Marriot Tampere hotel is equipped with modern SJW showers.
Courtyard by Marriott Tampere City
Scandic hotels in Finland use Aroma Sense shower models AS-9000, AS-9000RB and SJW.
Scandic Oulu Station
Scandic hotels in Finland use Aroma Sense shower models AS-9000, AS-9000RB and SJW.
Scandic Oulu City
AS-Prestige Aroma Sense rose gold
Business visitor sees differences

Shower is part of the customer experience

Companies want their employees to travel pleasantly and they set their own quality standards for hotels.  When high-quality hotels are now found for many tastes, the differences come from small but important things.

One of the hotel's amenities is a shower. When the water comes in conveniently, it gently touches the skin, freshens and washes. The best shower moment is the pleasure that relaxes and cheers you up. Aroma Sense offers a shower pleasure every time.

Tourist appreciates a little luxury

Shower is indulging

For holiday travelers, the hotel is often for sleeping and washing and not a great experience comes from an over-the-top luxury, but pampering is always nice.

Once you've explored the sights of the day's locality or even competed, it's nice to come to the hotel room and let the water run. The shower-ironing brought by Aroma Sense is the best thing a person needs and a wonderful feeling. It sparks a spark to spend time alone.

Aroma Sense shower brings pleasure
An investment that saves itself back

Arome Sense showerheads

Aroma Sense showers increase the water flow rate by 200-400 per cent and make it not necessary to use the tap at full power.

Aroma Sense's water consumption can be reduced to 6.5 litres per minute without reducing washing efficiency or shower pleasure.

Customer experiences

This is what Aroma Sense users say

Can Aroma sensen be installed in all shower systems?

Yes! Showers comply with European standards. They have 1/2-inch threads like 95% of manufacturers. If the shower hose attaches to the shower raild or holder, then the showers are suitable for fastening. Changing the shower head is easy, so you can do it at any time.

Why get a "jet ferrari", aroma sense shower?

The ferrari in the showers reflects the washing power, enjoyment and experience of the shower that Aroma Sense brings. Offer the customer an unforgettable experience.

We recommend standard rooms

SJW savings shower head

The PR-SJW shower head doubles the washing power by increasing the water flow rate and makes every time you start in the shower a pleasure. With the add-on, the PR-SJW shower can be used to consume 6.5 litres per minute without compromising the shower pleasure. This will save a lot of money on the water bill. This shower model also has lime filtration. It is advisable to change the filter once a year.

We recommend premium rooms and suites

Aroma Sense AS-9000 Or

Aroma Sense AS-9000 or AS-9000RB and aromas bring luxury to the bathroom. Drops of water fall softly on the skin and the shower relaxes when it washes, moisturizes the skin. A nurturing aroma of natural oils gives clean skin a nice scent. The best fragrance swap terms for customers consider fresh lemon and green apple. These are recommended to be installed without a flow limiter, which best conveys the feeling of waterfall to customers.

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