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Luxurious shower pleasure

A High Pressure water-saving shower head 

Welcome to the luxurious Aroma Sense shower world

Aroma Sense makes everyday showering a luxurious pleasure. Thanks to its unique technology, Aroma Sense caresses the skin and moisturizes dry skin and hair. As with aromatherapy, you can choose the scent you want to float in your bathroom. Thanks to the filtration, the shower area also remains clean.

Cherish You

Aroma Sense produces a nice feeling and the water from the shower embraces the skin like gentle summer rain.


Aroma Sense neutralises the drying effect of chlorine added to tap water almost 100%.

Lemon Mango aroma Aroma Sense for showering.

Aroma Sense gets C-vitaminized and wonderful skin moisturizing fragrances. Choose yours according to your feeling or a fragrance-free option.

The Tea Tree Lavender aromatic cartridge renews, cleanses and stimulates with a soft floral fragrance that helps you relax. When life is balanced, maintaining a good mood and positive outlook just seems to come naturally. Suitable for Aromica and Aroma Sense sprays.

The shower head plate will increase the pressure of the water to the right level so that your Aroma Sense shower experience is always perfect.

Easily combed and soft hair with Aroma Sense shower. Vitamin C eliminates the drying effect of chlorine and filters filter lime, iron, copper and other solids.
Without conditioner

Easily combed and soft hair

Aroma Sense is good for hair, as the shower head makes the water lake watery. Which would be better for the hair. After shower washing, the hair is easily combed and feels good.

Many people have noticed that aroma sense does not allow greenish tones to be added to the hair. This is because Aroma Sense filters iron and copper from the water.

Shower cleansing

Aroma Sense filters impurities

Aroma Sense shower head filters water impurities such as lime, rust and other metals. The shower head filter must be replaced and there are different types of filters.

Antibacterial balls, on the other hand, soften water and neutralize possible bacteria. That's why Aroma Sense offers the cleanest shower pleasure. After showering, I feel relaxed and fresh.

Aroma Sense shower filters impurities
Luxurious, high quality, comfortable

Aroma Sense shower heads

The shower head is the most important part of the shower system. If you want a shower feel like pampering summer rain or a freshening waterfall, change your shower with an Aroma Sense shower head. It is suitable for all the highest showers. Just go around the old shower head and replace aroma sense.

Consumes less water

Arome Sense saves

When water comes with high pressure, efficient rinsing shortens the time it takes to wash and when cleaning with a shower you can also wash the farthest walls. Therefore, the total water bill can be 10-20 percent lower.

Customer experiences

This is what Aroma Sense users say

Why choose Aroma Sense?

What is the use of aromageel?

Vitamin 1.C neutralizes the drying effect of a derivative of chlorine from tap water.

Vitamin 2.C makes the water supply water more lake-like (sour). It's good for the skin and the hair.

3. Fragrances affect the mood, for example, lemon refreshes.

Is the aromagel allergy-tested?

Yes, it is. Gels shouldn't cause allergies. However, we are individuals, so some of the ingredients of the aroma may not be suitable for everyone. A fragrance-free alternative is available for fragrance-sensitive people.

What substances does aromagel contain?

Essential aroma oil, dextrin, arabi gum, pectin, vitamin C and distilled water.

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