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Washing accessories

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  • Designed for dry skin, the exfoliating gloves remove dead skin cells and brighten dull body skin.

    Body scrubber glove - Bath glove

    2,90  incl. VAT 24%
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  • Sponge Pure Rain Purple for shower and bath.,

    Sponge, Pure Rain

    4,90  incl. VAT 24%
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  • Silicone Body washer for whole body washing

    Silicone Body Scrubber

    6,90  incl. VAT 24%
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Why choose us

3 Reasons to choose us

New look for bathroom

Aroma Sense is suitable for the most common shower designs and you can make the switch yourself. The design of the shower heads is timeless and durable.

Spa at home

The soft but effective aroma sense shower flow rubs your skin and aromagels lightly release the scent.

Always a clean bathroom

Aroma Sense has a powerful filter, less lime scale and dirt in the bathroom. You can change the filter when required.

Customer experiences

This is what Aroma Sense users say