Immediate savings in the housing company's water bill

Aroma Sense is easy to replace and the next water bill is immediately 20-50 percent lower.

Aroma Sense saves but you don't have to compromise on your shower pleasure

Showering is an overwhelming energy and waterfall: a shower of about ten minutes consumes between 120 and 150 litres of water, of which warm water accounts for about 60%. Washing accounts for approximately 40 per cent of the household's water use.

If you take a 15-minute shower daily, it costs about 450 euros a year, according to Motova. Reducing spraying to five minutes would save you 300 euros.

Water is perceived as cheap compared to electricity, but the good question is, is it ultimately?

In Korkeasaari

low-washing savings showers were replaced with AS-9000 showerheads. The average saving for hot water was 18 per cent. See savings calculation.

Rajamäki swimming pool

SJW handheld showers and Arofix-01 overhead showers were replaced with washrooms. This fixed the low pressure, brought water savings and improved the customer experience.

In a townhouse company

poor washing performance was repaired with aroma sense. During the first year, total water consumption decreased by around 10 per cent.

Network pressure can be reduced

Piping can be saved and extended its age

Aroma Sense showers increase the water flow rate by 200-400 percent. Thanks to the flow rate, the pressure in the network can be reduced and the water tap does not need to be operated at full power. The drop in pressure saves the housing company's plumbing and extends its age.

With a separate flow limiter, the water flow rate can be limited to 6.5 litres per minute without suffering from the limitation of washing power and shower pleasure. Without a limiter, showers can reach a consumption of 7-9 liters per minute.

AS-9000 shower gift box as a gift for friend or mother
AS-9000 Aroma Sense shower configuration image

With or without filter

Filtered water does not dirty surfaces

Water-saving PR-SJW showerheads and other Aroma Sense showers filter lime, iron and other impurities, which is an easy way to keep the floors and glass surfaces of shared shower facilities cleaner. Cleaning takes less time and the cleaner's work becomes easier.

Showers can also be used without filters.


Twice as much washing power

Aroma Sense shower heads

The shower head is the most important part of the shower system. That depends on how quickly you feel clean. Aroma Sense showers increase the water flow rate by 200-400 per cent and make it not necessary to use the tap at full power.

The real saving of Aroma Sense comes from superior washing power. It washes faster than any other shower in the world.

Why choose Aroma Sense?

Can Aroma Sensen be installed on all shower systems?

Yes! Showers comply with European standards. They have 1/2-inch threads like 95% of manufacturers. If the shower hose attaches to the elevator, the showers are suitable for fastening.

How much water can a shower save?

Three people's households have saved €20 a month at best. On average, a shower saves 35€ a year per person. This includes hot water, sewage and cold water. At best, housing companies have saved 30% of the original water consumption.

Consumes less water

Aroma Sense saves

As incredible as it sounds, Aroma Sense, which offers enjoyable shower moments, is a water bee. When water comes under a nice pressure, efficient rinsing shortens the time it takes to wash and when cleaning with a shower you can also wash the farthest walls. Therefore, the water bill can be 20-50 percent lower.

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Our client's family has a teenager who likes to shower long and hard. When aroma sense was replaced as a shower head, water was saved from €20 per month, €240 per year. Watch the video here.