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Immediate savings in the housing company's water bill

Aroma Sense is easy to replace and the next water bill is immediately 10-20 percent lower. The change to the use of Aroma Sense is easy, and with these changes, changes in the housing company's water consumption can be seen quickly. When a 30 per cent saving in water consumption is achieved, it means a ten per cent saving in energy consumption.

Aroma Sense saves and there is no need to compromise on shower pleasure

Showering uses lots of energy and water: Shower for about ten minutes consumes between 120 and 150 litres of water. 60% of water used is warm. Households uses about 40 per cent of the household's water at shower.

If you take a 15-minute shower daily, it costs about 450 euros a year, according to Motiva. Reducing the spraying to five minutes would save 300 euros.

Water is perceived as cheap compared to electricity, but the good question is, is it in the end? Water and energy savings of about 40-100€ per year per person.

Why you need to save water

Many residents of a housing company may wonder why water needs to be saved. Water consumption, the share of water consumption in heating energy consumption and the costs it entails are considerable. Especially in housing companies, water consumption and the costs caused by hot water, for example, are often hidden behind maintenance charges and fixed water charges. 

In the past, housing companies have not had to charge for water consumption according to consumption, but the fixed water fee in use may have been based on, for example, the number of people living in the apartment. It is not felt necessary to reduce water consumption when the price of water is repeatedly paid for despite consumption. As a result of the legislative amendment based on the European Union's Energy Efficiency Directive, apartment-specific water meters have been introduced in many housing companies, and water charges will be based more often than before on the actual water consumption of residents. 

In housing companies, it is important to remember that energy and water costs are always paid for in the end from each resident's own wallet, regardless of the way the water fee is collected. With moderate water consumption, housing companies also have the opportunity to save on water bills and energy costs. Aroma Sense's water-saving shower saves about 50-95€ per year per person. 

Important measures in reducing water consumption are also the maintenance measures of each resident of the housing company. Regular care and cleaning of plumbing fixtures as well as immediate response to fault situations are important, user-oriented measures. 

Other reasons for changes in the housing company's water use can also be considered from the perspective of the environment. It is good to remember that water production and distribution generate a lot of carbon dioxide emissions. Domestic hot water has a significant impact on the housing company's energy consumption and thus also on the carbon footprint of housing.

Aroma Sense showers are quick to install for self-use
Fast deployment

The replacement of Aroma Sense showers in the apartments of the housing company is quick. Replacing the shower head is easy for the resident.

Aroma Sense shower lowers water consumption
Water consumption decreases

In housing companies where Aroma Sense technology has been introduced, the reduction in water and energy consumption can be quickly seen on their water and electricity bills.

Savings for the housing company and residents

Aroma Sense's water-saving shower saves about 50-95€ per year per person. 

Yellow Pipes
Water supply network pressure can be reduced

Piping age and durability can be extended

Aroma Sense showers increase the water flow rate by 200-400 percent. Thanks to the flow rate, the pressure in the water supply network can be reduced and the water tap does not need to be operated at full power. The drop in pressure saves the plumbing and extends its age.

With a separate flow limiter, the water flow rate can be limited to 6.5 litres per minute. You still experience high pressure shower and pleasure. Without a limiter, showers consumes 7-9 liters per minute when properly used. You do not need to put shower faucet to maximum, but if you want to experience strong high pressure water flow. Aroma Sense is the shower for You.

With or without filter

Filtered water does not dirty surfaces

The water-saving PR-SJW shower head and other Aroma Sense showers filter lime, iron and other impurities, which is an easy way to keep the floors and glass surfaces of shared shower rooms cleaner. Cleaning takes less time and the cleaner's work becomes easier.

Showers can also be used without filters.

Twice as much washing power

Aroma Sense shower heads

The shower head is the most important part of the shower system. It defines how quickly you clean yourself. Aroma Sense showers increase the water flow rate by 200-400 per cent and  you can reduce  power with the tap.

The real saving of Aroma Sense comes from superior washing power. It washes faster than any other shower in the world.

Customer experiences

This is what Aroma Sense users say

Why choose Aroma Sense?

Can Aroma Sensen be installed on all shower systems?

Yes! Showers comply with European standards. They have 1/2-inch threads like 95% of manufacturers. If the shower hose attaches to the shower raild or holder, then the showers are suitable for fastening.

How much water can a shower save?

At best, two-person households have saved 20 € per month. On average, a shower saves 60 € per year per person. Warm water, sewage and cold water are included here. At best, housing companies have saved 30% of their original water consumption.

Consumes less water

Arome Sense saves

As incredible as it sounds, Aroma Sense, which offers enjoyable shower moments, is a water bee. When water comes with high pressure, efficient rinsing shortens the time it takes to wash and when cleaning with a shower you can also wash the farthest walls. Therefore, the total water bill can be 10-20 percent lower.

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