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Water saving shower WS800

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The best water-saving shower on the market has now been redesigned. Durable and made from high quality materials, it increases water pressure but saves on water consumption. Increases water velocity up to 400 %. Silky soft showers with WS800 shower. The shower has a filter for limescale and metals. We recommend this model especially for public spaces and homes where the shower is used a lot and where there is a need to save on consumption. This model cannot be used with fragrances.

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Water saving shower WS800 features - Shower water consumption reduced by up to 50%

Puhdas vesi, parempi iho. Suihku tuottaa täyteläisen suihkun jo pienellä paineella.

Want to enjoy a refreshing shower while making eco-friendly choices? Now it's possible with the Water Saving Showerhead! Forget traditional showerheads that waste precious water and choose the most efficient and enjoyable shower on the market.

Save water and increase washing power at the same time with the WS800 shower! The Water Lab WS800 shower creates powerful water pressure and the water feels silky soft. The water in the WS800 shower becomes a little pungent if you turn the tap on full. So the shower encourages you to use the shower at a lower pressure. The shower doubles the washing power and reduces hot water consumption. The shower easily reaches a consumption of 7 litres per minute.

If you have low water pressure in your home, this shower will fix the problem with its urine accelerating properties. You get a lovely silky soft shower at an affordable price. If you want water savings and washing power, this is the best solution. A popular purchase for public spaces, hotels and housing associations.

Why choose a Water Saving Shower?

  • The jet filter filters limescale, copper, metals and other contaminants. They will no longer stain the bathroom.
  • Efficient water consumption, increases the water flow rate by 400% and doubles the washing power.
  • Saves water and energy about 40€-100€ per year per person. *)
  • Shower water consumption 6-9 litres per minute by reducing the tap.
  • Fixes low pressure.
  • Lovely shower experience.
  • The flow rate can be limited to ~7 litres per minute with a flow regulator
  • Measured water volumes without flow restriction, note the tap does not need to be turned on full!
    mixer pressure.
    2 bar - 12 l/min
    3 bar - 12 l/min

If desired for more efficient filtration, select acf. activated carbon filter.

Microfibre filter for WS800 shower.

Download brochure on shower filter differences.

Size : 80mm x 230mm

Colour options : chrome, white

Material : STS304, ABS


* Energy saving is highlighted. Shower saves approx. 20-50% of water in the shower. For water heating, electricity, oil or district heating is used in the calculation. Calculation takes into account increased energy costs. The shower washes faster and with less water.

An environmentally friendly choice: The water-saving shower is made from sustainable and recyclable materials, so you can be sure you're doing your bit for the environment. So you know you're making sure your water saving shower is safe and secure. Reduce your carbon footprint and help protect the planet one shower at a time.

Easy installation: the water-saving shower fits practically any shower. Installation is quick and easy, requiring no special tools. You can start enjoying your energy-saving shower right away!

Durable and reliable: quality construction and careful design ensure the longevity and reliability of the Water Saving Shower. You can count on it to last for years and remain efficient throughout its lifetime.

Stylish design: water saving The shower not only offers top performance, but also a stylish design to suit all types of bathrooms. It's a great way to update the look of your bathroom while making a responsible choice.

Buy a Water Saving Shower now and do your bit for the environment! Take care of both yourself and the environment with one ingenious purchase. Save water, save money and join the water saving movement!

Save nature - Save water - Water saving shower

Katso video – Vedensäästö suihku WS800 pesutehosta 6.7 litran virtausrajoittimella. 10 Litran ämpäri täyttyy 90 sekunnissa ja vesi lentää 3 metriä.


WS800 suihkutesti 2 gallonan virtausrajoittimella. vesi lentää 3 metriä. 10L vettä kului 90 sekunnissa. Erinomainen pesuteho! #showerguy #suihkumies #testaa #testing #suihku #waterlab #watersaving

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Additional information

weight 0,3 kg (kilograms)
Dimensions 20 × 9 × 6 cm (centimetres)

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