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According to a survey conducted by Motiva in 2020, households consume an average of 110 litres of water per person per day. Most of the water is used for hygiene treatment, which takes 45% of water consumption. Taking a shower consumes the most water from these. 

Aroma Sense - water-saving shower head

Woman washing hair in Aroma Sense shower
Aroma Sense showers increase water flow rate by 200-400%

How much water bill does your economy make up in a month? In Finland, water may be used nonchalantly, as it seems to be unlimitedly available to most people. For many, the reason for reducing water consumption is the protection of natural resources, but for most people the reason for minimising water consumption is economic factors. High electricity and water bills or increased housing company maintenance charges lead many to observe the consumption of hot water in the shower and the energy costs of heating hot water. 

Aroma Sense offers ways to reduce your water bill – without compromising the comfort of showering. Water consumption is influenced by the characteristics of water fixtures and the condition of these equipment. Aroma Sense showers increase the water flow rate by 200 to 400 percent. Due to the higher flow rate, the water tap does not need to be operated at full power. Energy and water consumption in the shower is reduced by up to 20–50% thanks to the Aroma Sense showerheads. Housing companies have also achieved an average of 12.5% cost savings with Aroma Sense showers

Aroma Sense - the impact of showers is also visible in energy saving

Water consumption is also closely linked to energy consumption, as it costs money to heat water. Up to 30 per cent of the building's heating energy consumption is spent on heating domestic water. In 2021, hot water was three times more expensive than cold water. At the turn of 2021-2022, energy prices have risen for electricity, oil and district heating sites.

In a family of four, aroma sense showers save about 200 euros a year in energy and water consumption*, as thanks to excellent washing power, less hot water is consumed and the need for water heating decreases. Now that energy prices are high, taking energy savings into account, the savings can be even greater. Check out the savings calculation for a detached house using the Aroma Sense shower.

AromaSense shower-washing-power-thanks to-wash-time-shortening
Thanks to excellent washing power, less warm water is consumed for washing
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  • Water saving shower head PR - SJW corrects poor washing performance and saves up to 50% water. Filters limescale, iron and rust. Reduced shower water consumption due to improved washing performance. Wash faster and with less water.

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How does taking an Aroma Sense shower save you time too?

Aroma Sense showers correct the water pressure in the shower, which improves the washing efficiency of the shower. Showering is quick, as thanks to the excellent washing power, shampoos, conditioners and soaps are washed faster from the body. Thanks to the unique technology of the Aroma Sense shower, there are no detergent residues in your hair and you feel wonderfully fresh.

*) 4 in a spiritual family that heats the water with electricity. Vattenfall, Motiva and HSY counters used for the calculation, as well as data.