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Hidden costs of water consumption in public spaces

There are hidden costs associated with water consumption, which are often ignored. In public spaces, water consumption can increase maintenance costs, lower property values and raise electricity bills.

The cost of water consumption in public spaces is often hidden in the form of increased maintenance costs. The cost of water used to maintain public spaces can be passed on to taxpayers through higher taxes or higher prices for services.

In addition to increased maintenance costs, water consumption in public spaces can also lead to a decrease in the value of real estate. In addition, the water consumption of public spaces can also lead to an increase in the cost of all residents of the community. This is because utilities spend more money on water consumption to meet the demand of their customers. In some cases, this can lead to the fact that the fees for all customers of the institution will increase.

While the hidden costs of water consumption in public spaces may not be immediately apparent, they can have a significant impact on the budget and the quality of life in the community. It is important to be aware of these costs when making decisions about how to use water and how to monitor water consumption in public spaces.

The real cost of water: Why we need to save on public spaces

Aroma Sense shower saves water.

In public spaces such as swimming pools, gyms and accommodation services such as hotels, special attention should be paid to water consumption and the condition of equipment. The Swiss swimming pool in Hyvinkää has Aroma Sense showers in use. The swimming hall has 200,000 visitors a year and there are about 561 shower-goers in the hall every day. In the Swiss swimming pool, maintenance personnel only need to clean the shower plates twice a year, even though the water in Hyvinkää is the most calcareous in the Helsinki-Vantaa area. 

Aroma Sense showers are maintenance-free. We offer a three-year service contract for Aroma Sense showers. Ask for more information!

Water used in public spaces can be wasted due to fault conditions such as runoff and leaks. This wastes not only water, but also money, as municipalities are forced to spend more on water treatment and pumping if more water is used than necessary. In addition, water wastage can lead to environmental problems. It is good to remember that water production and distribution generate a lot of carbon dioxide emissions. Domestic hot water also has a significant impact on energy consumption in public spaces and thus also on the carbon footprint of the use of public spaces.

There are several simple ways to save water in public places. These include, for example, repairing leaks, installing water-saving plumbing fixtures, guiding the users of the premises to practices that reduce water consumption, and maintaining and cleaning water fixtures. Through these actions, we can help conserve this vital resource and protect our environment.

How can we reduce water consumption in public spaces?

Water is a vital resource for all life on Earth. Unfortunately, it is also a finite resource. It is important to find ways to reduce water consumption in public spaces in order to save this valuable resource.

Water consumption can be reduced in public spaces in many ways. One way is to install water-saving devices, such as water-saving shower heads. In addition, education about saving water can be an effective way of reducing water consumption.

One of the most important things we can do to reduce water consumption in public spaces is simply to be aware of our own water use. Every time we open the shower, tap or flush the toilet, we use water that could be saved. By being aware of our own water use, we can make a big contribution to reducing overall water consumption.

Hotels also have ways to save on water consumption

Hotels are one of the largest consumers of water in the hospitality industry. The water consumption of hotels and restaurants is about 300 l / customer / day and on average for the customer the hotel has about 5 square meters per room. The average consumption is about 1.8 m³/m² per month.  Much of the water in hotels is also used for showers. 

Although some hotels have taken water-saving measures to reduce their water consumption, many still use a lot of water for showers. Hotels can reduce the consumption of shower water in many ways without compromising customer satisfaction.

One way is to install low-flow shower heads. Low-flow shower heads consume less water than traditional shower heads, but still provide good water pressure. This can save a significant amount of water during the day, especially if the shower is used by several guests. The Aroma Sense showers installed in 2022 have water consumption savings of 10% in terms of cold water consumption and 7.5% in terms of hot water consumption.

Some hotels today offer guests the opportunity to choose between different types of showers (e.g. regular shower, eco-friendly shower, etc.). When guests are given a choice, they are more likely to choose the less water-using shower option. The time spent in the shower in Aroma Sense showers is shorter than in regular showers due to the excellent washing performance.

By taking these or other measures to reduce the consumption of shower water, hotels can significantly reduce the total water consumption. In this way, they can not only save money on their operating costs, but also help preserve our most valuable resource – clean fresh water.

It is easy for hotel guests to save water and reduce the amount of water used daily in a variety of ways. With small changes, everyone can get a lot done.

Water park in Serena
Water park in Serena

Replaced plumbing fixtures with Aroma Sense technology. The change brought water savings and improved the washing efficiency of the showers.

Rajamäki swimming hall

SJW hand showers and Arofix-01 overhead showers were switched to the washrooms. This corrected the weak pressure, brought water saving and improved the customer experience.

Courtayard by Marriot hotel Tampere
Courtyard by Marriot hotel in Tampere

The hotel uses Aroma Sense technology. For visitors, Aroma Sense showers offer spa-level shower enjoyment. The hotel saves on water consumption with water-saving showers.