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How to reduce the energy and water consumption of the shower

According to a survey conducted by Motiva in 2020, households consume an average of 110 litres of water per person per day. Most of the water is used for hygiene treatment, which takes 45% of water consumption. Taking a shower consumes the most water from these.

Why get a water filter?

Does drinking water taste like chlorine? Has calcifications accumulated in the shower in the bathroom? By getting a filter for your shower, you can enjoy fresh showers and your bathroom will remain cleaner. Drinking water purification, on the other hand, is successful by purchasing an Aroma Sense water filter for your kitchen faucet.

How to reduce hot water consumption and electricity bill?

It won't come as a surprise to many that water heating can be one of the biggest contributors to your home's energy costs. In detached houses, semi-detached houses and terraced houses, an average of 110–120 liters of water per person is used per day.

Housing company saves

Aroma Sense is easy to replace and the next water bill is immediately 10-20 percent lower. The change to the use of Aroma Sense is easy, and with these changes, changes in the housing company's water consumption can be seen quickly. When a 30 per cent saving in water consumption is achieved, it means a ten per cent saving in energy consumption.

Hidden costs of water consumption in public spaces

There are hidden costs associated with water consumption, which are often ignored. In public spaces, water consumption can increase maintenance costs, lower property values and raise electricity bills.

Explore Aroma Sense showers

For guests Shower pleasure

Staying at the hotel is always an experience that too often reminds me of a bad shower. Aroma Sense is a shower pleasure every time and supports the experience business.

Luxurious shower pleasure

A High Pressure water-saving shower head 

Aromagel cartridges for skin care

Vitamin C neutralizes the drying effect of chlorine from tap water. Vitamin C makes tap water more lake-like. The effect is good for your skin and hair. Many atopics and psoriasis patients get help from vitamin c in the aroma to treat dry skin.

Differences between water filters

Water filters are an important part of your home water system, helping to purify and improve water quality. There are several techniques for water purification. We offer shower filters and drinking water filters.

Vitamin C to help treat atopic skin

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is important for skin health. Vitamin C helps strengthen the skin's immune system and promotes collagen production. Vitamin C in the shower eliminates the drying effect of tap water.

Which filter is suitable for my shower?

A filter selection guide to help you identify which shower you have. A list of filters you can use in your Aromica, Water Labs or Aroma Sense shower.