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Water filters improve water quality

Water filters are an important part of any home water system, as they help to purify and improve water quality. Tap water is purified in waterworks but the effectiveness of the purification process can vary and not all contaminants are removed from the water. Such contaminants can include pharmaceutical residues and microplastics. The pH of water is often changed by adding lime.

However, the most common cause of poor quality water is due to the age, condition and materials used in the construction of the pipes. In older houses where the pipes have not yet been repaired, tap water can contain high levels of iron and can be stale. Similarly, the quality of well water can be affected by a dry or wet summer.

Various types of water filters have been developed to purify tap water, which effectively clean tap water. These filters remove limescale, iron, copper and other solids, help keep the bathroom cleaner and help remove metals from hair that can negatively affect hair colour. Different types of filters are suitable for different purposes and in this article I will introduce different types of filters.

How do I detect limescale?

Limescale is often found in the water network and manifests itself as, for example, deposits in the holes of the hand shower and as a limescale residue on the surface of shower rooms. A descaling filter in the shower reduces the amount of limescale in the water, which in turn results in cleaner surfaces in the shower room. Most filters are effective in filtering limescale from the water.

Effects of calcareous water on skin and hair

Effects of calcareous water on skin and hair

Tap water contains a variety of minerals and their levels can vary. If the water is rich in minerals, it is called hard water, which contains, for example, lime that makes the water cloudy and alkaline. Alkaline water dries the skin more quickly, which can make your skin itch more easily and cause surface dryness.

In skin care, calcareous water can cause dryness due to its high mineral content. This can lead to irritation and flaking if not treated properly. To prevent this, it is important to use gentle cleansers and moisturisers specifically designed for use with hard water. Also avoid using harsh soaps or cleansers that can strip the natural oils from your skin.

In hair care, calcareous water can make it difficult for shampoo and conditioner to foam due to its high mineral content. As a result, you may find that your hair looks duller than usual or feels heavy after washing it with hard water.


Drinking water filter

The drinking water filter is installed directly in the kitchen tap. The water purifier is suitable for households with old piping or poor drinking water quality. The drinking water filter removes the major contaminants from the water, such as chlorine, impurities that come off the pipework and the largest heavy metals and microplastics.

Shower filter

A shower filter filters out limescale, rust and other impurities from the water and keeps your bathroom surfaces cleaner. The lifetime of the filter varies depending on the filter. With a shower filter, you can bring fresher water into your home.

Pure Rain further enhances the filtration efficiency of shower water. If you have an aroma sense shower head with an aroma gel pack, you can replace it with this shower water filter. Pure Rain shower filter Filters larger particles such as lime, iron, manganese, copper, rust and microplastics. Replacement intervals of six months are recommended. The water purifier is also suitable for blonde hair who want to filter metals from their hair.

The showerhead SJW filter filters limescale, iron, rust and other impurities from the water, keeping your bathroom floors cleaner.

Activated carbon filter for shower

If you're looking for a more efficient shower filter, we recommend an activated carbon filter, which absorbs pollutants even more efficiently.

Activated carbon filter contains pure carbon, whose active surface effectively absorbs impurities and odours from the water. Activated carbon is an excellent material that is able to absorb many contaminants. Activated carbon filters out iron, copper, chlorine, chemical residues and odours. If you want to use fragrances in the shower, we do not recommend an activated carbon filter, as it also filters out fragrances from tap water. If your well water smells like rotten eggs, it is due to sulphur. An activated carbon filter will also remove the smell of sulphur.

The Aroma Sense activated carbon filter for shower is easy to install and use. Water filters can help remove odours, colours and other impurities from water, so your shower experience can feel more pleasant and your skin and hair can feel healthier. The lifespan of filters depends on the amount of use and the amount of contaminants in the water.

Water filters help to clean and improve water quality. Shower water filters, drinking water filters and activated carbon filters.

What are antibacterial marbles? 

You can improve your shower experience with antibacterial balls, which are placed on the shower head. They have a refreshing and softening effect and neutralise bacteria in the water. Antibacterial balls are long-lasting but over time they can build up colour and start to smell, so it is recommended that they are replaced.