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Suihku Aromica LUXE musta

119,00  incl. VAT 24%

Shower Aromica LUXE - Enjoy a luxurious shower experience like in a Spa

Give your daily shower experience a luxurious twist with the Aromica LUXE shower. This unique shower invites you to relax and pamper yourself. A shower experience that combines a luxurious shower experience with skin pampering in a unique way.

Bigger, prettier and more durable. With a stronger lemon scent. ARO LUXE uses a lot of water. The shower helps with dry skin and scalp flaking. With the LUXE shower, you will enjoy a very soft and relaxing shower. For you who doesn't want to save but enjoy!



Suihku Aromica LUXE musta – Nauti ylellisestä suihkuelämyksestä kuin Spa:ssa

Give your daily shower experience a luxurious twist with the Aromica LUXE shower. This unique shower invites you to relax and pamper yourself. A shower experience that combines a luxurious shower experience with skin pampering in a unique way.

Shower Aromica LUXE is our NEW product. Bigger, more beautiful and more durable. A touch of rose gold on the shower plate cover. The holes in the shower plate are larger than in other models. Uses the most water of the Aromica showers. The shower is full-bodied and spectacular. The diameter of the shower plate is 10cm. The shower plate has 246 holes and gives a full and rich shower. The shower is packaged in a beautiful silver box.

Aromatherapy pleasure: Aromica LUXE brings the spa experience directly to your bathroom. While in the shower, you can enjoy relaxing aromatherapy scents that create a peaceful and pleasant environment.

💡 Energy efficiency: the Aromica LUXE is not only luxurious, but also an environmentally conscious choice. The energy-efficient features ensure that you can enjoy a luxurious shower while taking care of the environment. It's the perfect way to enjoy a luxurious shower while you enjoy the benefits of a luxurious shower. Washes faster and with less water.

🌿 Indulge with every drop: forget traditional shower gels and try our unique indulgent formula. Enriched with natural oils and skin-loving ingredients, it makes your shower more than just a cleansing moment - it's a moment to love and care for your skin.

💧 S kin care with vitamin C and Aloe Vera: Vitamin C neutralises the drying effect of chlorine. Aloe vera and vegetable glycerine promote skin health. Aloe vera and Aloe vera natural moisturising and nourishing ingredients leave your skin soft, smooth and radiant after each shower.

🌈 Energise in the morning, relax in the evening: Perfect to start or end the day. An energizing shower in the morning will wake you up refreshed, while a pampering shower in the evening will relax you and prepare you for a restful sleep.

🚿Effective water purification: our filtering spray uses innovative filtration technology to remove impurities from the water. Enjoy clean water in a shower that not only refreshes your body but also protects your skin. The shower filter removes heavy metals and minerals that contribute to dry skin, such as iron, lime and copper. Antibacterial balls also clean the water of impurities. Bathroom floors stay cleaner.

Make every shower an experience and invest in your daily well-being with Aromica LUXE. Luxury and relaxation in every shower!

With the ARO LUXE filter, you can say goodbye to dry skin. You can also replace the aroma cartridge with a replacement power filter. Includes a lemon-scented aromatic gel cartridge as standard. Click here to learn more about our aroma gels and cartridge models.


Download brochure on shower filter differences and Aloe Vera and Vitamin C based fragrances.

A generous wide wash of the shower wedge washes faster and with less water. The shower also saves water. The 10 litre bucket fills up 15 seconds faster than other Aromica models. If water saving is important to you we recommend other Aromica showers.

If you want more efficient filtration, a later activated carbon filter is also available.


  • ARO LUXE shower
  • lemon flavouring 1 piece (use 1-2 months in a household of 4)
  • microfibre filter 1 piece
  • antibacterial balls 1 piece

Aromica LUXE suihku video

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Additional information

weight 0,5 kg (kilograms)
Dimensions 9 × 28 × 8 cm (centimetres)

Chrome, Black

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