Does most shower holders take a shower?

Yes, showers on most holders made after 1992.
To check this, see if the shower hose attaches to the bracket.

What's the difference between showers?

The PR-SJW model does not have a body and is the most durable. The filter won't c block so quickly. Excellent model for public spaces.

The AS-9000 model is best shaped to meet customer needs.
1. The most effective coated filters
2. Antibacterial balls
3. PR superfilter
4. Aromagel cartridges for the treatment of dry skin.

The Prestige model has the second widest and softest jet of water. This model is available in chrome and rose gold

The Arofix model is a roof/top shower that is attached to the running tube. The biggest cartridge and the widest shower. Uses about a liter more water per minute than other models.

The AS-701 model is the largest of the hand showers. It's pretty heavy. Shower the same shower plate arofix model. Uses about a liter more water per minute than other models.

The As-Grand is a traditional rain shower with a 30x20cm square shower plate. This model does not have triangular holes, as with all other Aroma Sense showers. The shower is suitable for the same aromas as Aroma Sense hand showers.


What parts are necessary to be in the shower?

In principle, all spare parts can be pruned off if necessary.
The filter filters lime, thinner coated is really good for lime/iron-rich areas.
The cartridge helps treat dry skin.
The smell affects the mood, e.g. the lemon refreshes.

Do I have to change the antibacterial balls?

Theoretically, the balls are forever.

Their effect is based on the movement of the heards and water. The rolling stone does not moss. With time, they may collect color and start to smell, in which case you may want to change them.

Can I get some spare parts for the shower?

Send us a picture of the shower and the broken part by email to toni.veivo@aromasense.fi

How can I clean lime from the shower plate?

Remove the shower board.
Boil it for 1:1 in vinegar water for 10-15 minutes.
Rinse the shower plate.
Dry with a towel.

Watch the video here.

Is it possible to extend the right of return if I mail the product as a gift abroad?

yes. To agree on this in advance, send an email to toni.veivo@aromasense.fi

Shower squeals and buzzes

Some squeal, most don't.

Turn the antibacterial balls so that the filter is not against the shower plate.

Wheezing has also been caused by a missing seal if you have opened the shower. 



What does the aromagel cartridge affect?

Vitamin C neutralizes the drying effect of a derivative of chlorine from tap water.

Vitamin C makes the water aqueduct more lake-like (acidic). It's good for your skin and your hair.

Different smells affect mood, for example, lemon refreshes.

The cartridge also has moisturizing oil.

How do I change the aromagel cartridge?

How do I change the cartridge?

Watch the video here.

Why doesn't the aroma gel cartridge smell?

See if any water has entered the cartridge.

The smell of a new cartridge is usually activated after 10-15 minutes of use.

Watch the video, to solve the problem here.

Are aromagel cartridges allergy-tested?

Yes, it is. Cartridges shouldn't cause allergies.

Some people are sensitive to scents, though.
A fragrance-free option is also available for them.
People are still individuals and one of the substances in the aroma may not be suitable for everyone.

What substances does the aroma gel cartridge contain?

Essential aroma oil


gum arabic


vitamin C

distilled water


When do I need to change the filter?

It is recommended to change the filter while replacing the aroma gel cartridge.

If you do not use the cartridge, replace the filter at least once a year.

Why are there different filters and sizes?

In general, a thin 2mm water filter is the most effective. It's coated.
The 22mm thick filter is suitable for public spaces where water consumption is higher. It doesn't c block that fast.

If you live in a truly calcinen area, we recommend a thin filter and PRS power filter for better lime filtering.


Can I install the filter incorrectly?

Install the filter so that the flowing water hits the smoother, coated side. This keeps the filter open longer.

The filter mounted backwards works, but may become clogged faster.

How do I install a PR super filter?

The filter replaces the aroma gel cartridge as-9000 and prestige in shower designs.

Install the filter so that you can pull the filter out of the straw part from the shower handle.

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