Aroma Sense water saving shower head – a spa at your home.

Make your shower a luxury experience.


Change your shower head to Aroma sense, the purifying and relaxing spa at your home.

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Dry skin?


With Aroma Sense shower head you can experience a healthy and refreshing shower with Vitamin C and aroma. Vitamin C is gently released to keep your skin smooth and your hair well-nourished. When you take a shower with Vitamin C water, it will help making your dry skin moisturized and smooth. You can prevent skin problems and hair damage caused by residual chlorine as well. Instead of a drying shower you can enjoy a shower that leaves your skin soft and moisturised.

High water consumption?


Based on the superior efficacy of Aroma Sense shower heads you can save up to 140 € (4-persons family) a year with a water saving shower head. Maximize the effect of water and energy saving by reducing the amount of water consumed.Aroma Sense shower head can increase the water pressure up to 400 % and double the cleansing effect.

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Would you like to have a spa experience every day in your own bathroom?


Inside each Aroma Sense shower head there is a capsule with Vitamin C gel. When you take a shower with an Aroma Sense shower head, water with certain amount of aroma and Vitamin C comes out of the shower head. Aroma Sense Shower head gives you a soft mist spray. When you take a shower, you will feel the softness of the water and the effect of massage. Soft water makes you feel like you are at a top class spa. Enjoy the luxury every day!

Do you feel that you are not getting clean enough in the shower?


Aroma Sense shower heads offer a clean and refreshing shower experience moisturising the skin and hair at the same time. The micro fabric filter removes rust, debris and any floating materials in the water while the antibacterial ceramic ball filter prevents bacteria from multiplying inside the shower head.

The users’ experiences of Aroma Sense Shower heads in Finland

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