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Showerguy tested products. Showerguy tested products in the range including Aromica, Aroma Sense, Water LAB and Pure Rain showers
  • windows 95 t-paita shower rules, Shower Guy

    Windows 95 T-paita, Shower Guy

    19,95  incl. VAT 24%
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  • Bidee set. Pure Rain Spray gun clean your bathroom or toilet with ease with this super-efficient bidet.

    Bidet spray set brushed steel, Pure rain

    39,00  incl. VAT 24%
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Top products

  • SALE Aroma Sense offer package, give a gift your friend will remember you for years.

    AS-9000 Offer Package

    130,00  incl. VAT 24%
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  • SALE Aroma Sense shower head 3 flavourings and 5 microfiber filters package,

    Aroma cartridges mix 3 pcs

    35,00  incl. VAT 24%
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  • SALE Aromica ARO900 ihonhoitopaketti, sisältää ARO900 suihkun, 3 extra aromia ja 5 mikrokuitusuodatinta.

    ARO900 suihku ihonhoitopaketti

    130,00  incl. VAT 24%
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  • SALE Aroma Sense AS-9000 suodatuspaketti sisältää tehosuodattimet ja aktiivihiilisuodattimen. Suodattimet poistaa tuoksut, klooria, rautaa, ruostetta ja muita epäpuhtauksia

    AS-9000 suodatuspaketti

    125,00  incl. VAT 24%
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Bathroom supplies

Bathroom accessories for everyday life. High quality bathroom kits EDELA, ESTE, ROTE, ALTO. Classic chrome and elegant black. A combination of glass, black or chrome. Elegantly angular and graceful shapes.

SKIL Power Tools

Skil - power tools help you do the job. 20 V Max lithium-ion batteries make it easier to work anywhere. These powerful batteries are suitable for all Of Shal's Energy Platform tools. The tools utilize Keep Cool™ battery technology.

SKIL Garden Tools

EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE. FITS IN A SMALL SPACE. Check out Stel's battery-powered gardening tools - they're even more convenient, faster and more powerful. Garden tools have an Easy Storage hook.

Showers and shower heads

Aroma Sense shower head improves the shower experience. Taking a shower is a relaxing pleasure. Filters lime, iron and rust. Experience the washing efficiency and enjoyment of shower ferriar. The shower fixes the weak pressure.

Aromagel Cartridges

Aromatherapy and help with dry skin treatment. Vitamin C eliminates the drying effect of tap water. Helps in the treatment of dry and atopic skin. Aromas make you happy and affect your mood.


The Aromica and Aroma Sense spray filters out water impurities such as limescale, rust, copper and other metals. The shower has filters to suit your needs. Showerguy tested products.

A shower to treat dry skin and aromas to boost your mood

Water impurities remain in the filter of the Aroma Sense shower head. Vitamin C removes the drying effect of chlorine from tap water. Vitamin C of aromas helps to treat dry skin. You can choose the fragrance according to the season.

Why choose us

4 Reasons to choose us

Shower man tested products

Tested products from Aroma Sense, Aromica and Showerguy. I tested them myself, tests by other parties are not enough for me.

Spa at home

The soft but effective Aroma Sense shower flow massages your skin and Aromica aromas gently release fragrance and nourish your skin.

Always a clean bathroom

A shower filter is an efficient filter, so less limescale accumulates in the bathroom. Thanks to filtered water, blond hair stays clean. The filter can be installed in the shower or in a separate shower filter.

Best water-saving shower

Water and energy saving is based on washing efficiency. Wash faster with less water.

Aroma Sense shower, A new look for your bathroom Aroma Sense fits most common shower models and you can make the change yourself. The design of the shower heads is timeless and durable. Showerguy tested products.
Customer experiences

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