Luxurious shower pleasure

A water-saving shower head will change your perception of the shower.

Make your shower a pleasure

Aroma Sense shower head improves shower experience

The shower head is the most important part of the shower and changing your current shower head to Aroma Sense to shower is a relaxing pleasure.  After each shower you feel clean and refreshed. Due to its washing efficiency and enjoyment, the shower is also known as the Ferrari of showers.

Shower head takes care of the skin and aroma oils indulge in dry hippie

Water impurities remain in the filter of the Aroma Sense shower head, so chlorine derivatives do not dry your skin. You can also fondle your hippie with aromagel containing natural aroma oils and vitamin C, the fragrance of which you can choose according to the season.

New look for bathroom

Aroma Sense is suitable for the most common shower designs and you can make the switch yourself. The design of the shower heads is timeless and durable.

Shower head spa home

The soft but effective aroma sense shower flow rubs your skin and aromagels lightly release the scent.

Always a clean bathroom

When Aroma Sense has a powerful filter, no lime builds up in the bathroom. You can change the filter as needed.

Aroma Sense is always a sure choice


Luxurious shower pleasure

When you want to experience the same shower pleasure at home as in a top hotel, choose Aroma Sense.

For the property manager

Savings for housing companies

If the housing company needs to save costs, Aroma Sense will significantly reduce the water bill.


For guests, shower pleasure

It's easy to offer a shower pleasure to guests when you change your Green Key certificate to Aroma Sense, which brings you one step closer.

For an interior designer

Timeless elegance

Aroma Sense is suitable for bathrooms where the shower must be enjoyed, durable and neutral in design.

Everywhere in Europe

We serve in Finnish, Swedish and English. We supply all European countries.

Safe payment

In Bambora's service you can pay with online banking credentials, wallet or payment cards.

Buy with confidence

The products are in stock and we deliver quickly.  You can choose from several modes of delivery.

We will respond promptly

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