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Shower LAB800 ACF with activated carbon filter

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LAB800ACF shower, with activated carbon filter. The shower filters impurities, metals, odours and chlorine. A soft and clean full-bodied shower. Clean water, better skin.

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Shower LAB800 ACF, with activated carbon filter 

Water LAB800 ACF shower. The shower is transparent. The shower plate has a diameter of 8cm. Same size as ARO800 and AS-9000 shower. The shower feels full because of the many small holes in the shower plate. The use of sediment filters and activated carbon filters slightly reduces the washing performance. The shower gives a silky soft and clean shower water.

The use of fragrances is not recommended for this shower model. Pure water, healthy, beautiful skin.

The shower with activated carbon filter LAB800 ACF filters heavy metals and minerals such as iron, lime and copper, which contribute to dry skin, from the water.

Also order an activated carbon filter. The activated carbon filter also removes odours.

  • Filters lime, metals and other impurities. They won't stain your bathroom anymore and dry your skin.
  • Saves water and energy 40-100€ per person per year. *)
  • an activated carbon filter neutralises the drying effect of chlorine up to 12 000 litres.
  • Corrects low washing performance and pressure.
  • The product includes an activated carbon filter and a power filter for solids.
  • Filters have a lifetime of about 6 months
  • Hole size of the shower plate 0,3 mm
  • Filter options : power filter, activated carbon filter (block type), microfibre filter


Download the brochure on the differences between shower filters and Aloe Vera and Vitamin C based fragrances.

Energy saving is highlighted. The Water Lab LAB800 ACF shower saves approx. 25-50% of water in the shower. Heating water takes a lot of energy. The increased cost of energy emphasises the need to save hot water. The shower washes faster and with less water.




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weight 0,5 kg (kilograms)
Dimensions 9 × 28 × 8 cm (centimetres)

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