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SKIL 3430 FA XP Chargeless brushless jigsaw with bag

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SKIL 3430 CA The SKIL 3430 CA brushless brush saw is durable and the high quality aluminium base ensures a very smooth finish. 3x saw blade and dust extraction connection.

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SKIL 3430 FA XP Carbon brushless brushless jigsaw + 3x Saw blade + Dustbuster attachment + Carrying case

Revised 2023 model. Energy-efficient, carbon-free engine and tool-free tilting footplate. Outperformed the other 2023 reciprocating saws in the test in all four areas of the test.

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Durable jigsaw with brushless motor for a wide variety of sawing tasks
The SKIL 3430 "20V Max" (18V) cordless jigsaw is an excellent tool for precisely sawing curved and straight lines. The brushless motor is faster and stronger, and lasts ten times longer than a similar brushed motor. The LED light ensures good visibility to the work site. There are four settings in the material selector, so there is always the right setting that suits the job. Thanks to the speed control, this jigsaw can be used for sawing a wide variety of materials with good results. The "Clic" system allows you to effortlessly replace saw blades without the use of tools. Other handy features include a fan function that ensures good visibility into the workpiece, and a 45-degree bevel sawing without tools adjustable bottom plate. For neater work, most standard vacuum cleaners can be connected to the vacuum adapter. The ergonomic design and padded handle ensure the comfort of work. The standard equipment of the SKIL 3430 CA includes a fine saw blade for soft wood, a fine saw blade for metal, a saw blade for arc sawing on wood, a directional guide and a vacuum cleaner adapter. Battery and charger not included.

Flexible battery system equipped with "Keep Cool™" and "ActivCell™" technology
This tool is part of the SKIL "Energy Platform": a flexible battery system. "20V Max" (18V) lithium-ion batteries ensure optimal operational reliability. The batteries are powerful and suitable for all "20V Max Energy Platform" tools. The same batteries can be used with electrical and garden tools. Convenient, huh? The "Energy Platform" tools are available with or without batteries, so you don't necessarily have to buy new batteries and chargers with new tools. This battery also has innovative "Keep Cool™" battery technology. "Keep Cool™" cools the battery cells, preventing them from overheating, which extends battery life by up to 25% and even doubles the battery life! "ActivCell™" technology optimizes efficiency, prevents overheating and maximizes battery performance.

SPECIFICATIONS - SKIL 3430 CA XP Charcoal brushless jigsaw
Voltage: 20 "V Max"
Voltage: 18 V
Pendulum action settings: 4
Saw depth in aluminium: 20 mm
Drilling power in wood: 120 mm
Blade speed: 0-3000 /min
Stroke length: 25 mm

High-quality aluminum base ensures a very smooth result
Includes an adapter for connecting a vacuum cleaner if necessary
Padded handle for better and more comfortable grip
Footboard angle without tools adjustable 45 degrees to the left or right for precise cutting of bevels
Switch for blowing off dust to maintain good visibility to the sawing line at all times
Quick and easy blade change thanks to the toolless "Clic" system
Part of the SKIL "Energy Platform": flexible battery system
Speed control enables precise sawing of different materials
Four settings in the material selector: always the right setting, suitable for the job
LED light illuminates the sawing line, ensuring good visibility to the workpiece
Brushless motor: faster, stronger and ten times longer lasting
Our patented "ActivCell™" technology optimizes efficiency, prevents overheating and maximizes battery performance
"Keep Cool™" battery technology means 25% longer runtime and 2x longer lifespan

Delivery content:
SKIL 3430 brushless chainsaw with brushless motor.
Fine saw blade for soft wood
Fine saw blade for metal
Saw blade for curved saw blade for soft wood
Directional control
Dust extractor connection
Instruction manual
Carrying case


Additional information

weight 3 kg (kilograms)
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 30 cm (centimetres)

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