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SKIL 3285 battery torque wrench and batteries with case 1200Nm

255,00  incl. VAT 24%

Akkumutterinväännin salkulla ja akut. 1200Nm, SKIL 3285 JA akkukäyttöinen hiiliharjaton, brushless voimanpesä muttereiden avaukseen.

Avaus voima 1200Nm, kiinnitys voima 700Nm

4Ah akku, 2Ah akku ja laturi paketti, Toimituskulut sisältyy hintaan!


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Akkumutterinväännin ja akut salkulla 1200Nm, SKIL 3285 JA salkulla.

4Ah akku, 2Ah akku ja laturi paketti, Toimituskulut sisältyy hintaan!

Opening force 1200Nm
Fastening force 700Nm

The SKIL 3285 20V worm gear screwdriver body is part of the SKIL XP (Exceptional performance through high specifications) product line and is the right choice when efficiency matters in daily use. The carbon brushless SKIL 3285 battery wrench is powerful, making it easy to screw and unscrew bolts and nuts. The brushless motor is faster and stronger, and lasts ten times longer than a comparable brushed motor. The tool has three different speed/performance modes. "Reverse control mode" ensures that the tool automatically stops rotating in the opposite direction when a bolt or nut is loosened. The compact and lightweight cordless wrench has a durable aluminium gearbox, which makes the tool more durable. Plus, this tool has a forward/reverse LED indicator light, so you can instantly see which way the tool is spinning. The tool's ergonomic design and cushioned handle ensure excellent comfort of use. The product comes with a 5-year warranty without registration and is part of the Skil Energy Platform family of products, where one battery fits all tools and chargers.

See also other SKIL tools and spare parts from your importer. If the product you need is not in our range, we will order it for you. If the product is out of stock, we will receive it in about 5-14 working days.

Täältä SKIL 3285 JA paketti ilman akkuja

Technical specifications SKIL 3285 CA carbon brushless battery torque wrench 1200 Nm

  • Hiiliharjaton: Kyllä
  • Istukkatyyppi: 1/2″ Neliö
  • LED-valo: Kyllä
  • Maks. iskunopeus: 2100/3400/3950
  • Avatessa maks. vääntö: 1200 nm
  • Kiinnittäessä maks. vääntö: 700 nm
  • Nettopaino ilman akkua: 1.2 kg
  • Tyhjäkäyntikierrosluku: 1500/2250/2850
  • Speed control switch: yes
  • Voltage: 20 V Max

Pakkauksen sisältö – akkumutterinväännin salkulla

  • Hiiliharjaton SKIL 3285 ”XP” -akkuiskumutterinväännin
  • Carrying case
  • 3-os. 1/2”:n hylsysarja (17/19/21 mm)
  • Belt clip
  • User manual
  • 4Ah battery
  • 2Ah battery
  • Charger

- 'PWRCORE 20™': industry-leading advanced battery technology, to power all SKIL '20V Max' tools
- 'KEEPCOOL™': The patented battery cooling technology that ensures up to 25% longer run time and 2x the lifetime
- 'ACTIVCELL™': Patented intelligent battery and tool interaction, for maximum performance and battery protection
- High torque: 700Nm fastening and 1200Nm break-away torque
- 3 speed / torque settings provide superb control over speed and power for a wide range of applications

Additional information

weight 3 kg (kilograms)
Dimensions 30 × 40 × 12 cm (centimetres)

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