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SKIL 1930 AA Laser Rangefinder

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Discover world-class accuracy and ease of use - the new SKIL state-of-the-art laser rangefinder!

The SKIL 1930 AA laser rangefinder has a long range of up to 30 meters. With the tool, measurements and digital leveling can be done accurately and quickly.

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New SKIL 1930 AA high-end laser rangefinder

The SKIL 1930 AA laser rangefinder has a long range of up to 30 meters. With this tool, measurements and digital leveling can be done accurately and quickly. The laser rangefinder has a lithium-ion battery, which is convenient to charge through the built-in MikroUSB interface.

The tool has 5 measurement modes, which are distance measurement, continuous measurement, indirect measurement, area measurement and digital leveling. Indirect measurement mode can be used, for example, to quickly determine distance and altitude indirectly with only one measurement. The robust aluminium frame ensures accurate measurements in digital leveling mode. To ensure comfort, the SKIL 1930 automatically records the last 4 measurements in distance measurement mode.

With its compact size, padded handle, easy operating system and large, backlit display, the SKIL 1930 is an excellent solution for all your measurement work. The SKIL 1930 comes with a USB charging cable. See also other SKIL tools from the importer. If the product you need is not in our assortment, we will order it.

What you can do with our laser rangefinder:

  • Quickly and accurately measure distances between walls, ceilings and floors in construction and renovation.
  • For example, fine-tune the placement of furniture in your home or office.
  • Plan your garden or yard landscaping to perfection.
  • Improve the performance of your golf game by accurately measuring distances from hole to hole.
  • Make your hunting experience easier by accurately measuring distances to game animals.
  • Calculate the area of the selected space

Why choose the SKIL 1930 AA laser rangefinder?

  1. Precise measurement accuracy: trust measurements that are always accurate and reliable. Our laser rangefinder provides excellent measurement accuracy in all conditions.
  2. Easy to use and intuitive: forget complicated instructions and obscure functions. The SKIL laser rangefinder is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, so you can start measuring right away without any hassle.
  3. Ergonomic design: the device fits perfectly in your hand, so you can take measurements comfortably and safely. Its robust construction ensures long life in harsh environments.
  4. Wide measuring range: whether short or long distance, our laser rangefinder can measure a wide range of distances.
  5. Compact and portable: take it with you wherever you go. The small size makes it easy to carry in your pocket or toolbox.
  6. Versatile functions: with additional features such as area and volume calculation, you can get even more out of your meter.

Tekniset tiedot: – SKIL 1930 AA laseretäisyysmittari
• Lasertyyppi: 635 nm
• Laserluokka: 2
• Mittausväli: 30 m
• Mittaustarkkuus (tyypillinen) : ± 3 mm
• Mittausaika: < 0,7 s
• Kulmamittausalue: ± 90 °
• Kulmamittauksen tarkkuus: ± 0,5 mm
• Virtalähde, työkalu: Li-Ion
• Jännite: 3,7 V
• Akun kapasiteetti: 0,5 Ah
• Mittausten lukumäärä: 3000
• Käyttölämpötila: 0 °C – 40 °C
• Säilytyslämpötila: -20 °C – +70 °C
• Virrankatkaisu (etäisyysmittaus): 3 min
• Virrankatkaisu (digitaalinen vaaitus): 6 min
• Paino: 0,1 kg

Delivery content:
• SKIL 1930 Laser Rangefinder
• USB charging cable
• User manual

Additional information

weight 0,5 kg (kilograms)
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 7 cm (centimetres)

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