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SKIL 1491 DB multifunction tool

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SKIL 1491 DB multifunction tool



SKIL 1491 DB multifunction tool

The SKIL 1491 multi-tool is a versatile, high-performance tool that brings the features demanded by professionals to the home. A powerful, 300 watt multi-tool with adjustable speed to ensure a good working result on a wide range of materials. LED light ensures good visibility of the work area.

The depth limiter supplied, which can be adjusted up to 60 mm, prevents accidental damage to accessories or materials under the workpiece. By changing the supplied accessories, you can use this multifunctional tool for a wide range of household tasks such as sanding, sawing and cutting.

The multi-tool is compatible with the Starlock basic accessories and OIS accessories commonly available on the market, so you're guaranteed to find the right accessory for every job. For a cleaner sanding experience, you can connect the tool to most common vacuum cleaner models with the included vacuum cleaner adapter. The ergonomic design and padded handle ensure a comfortable working experience.

SKIL power tools, batteries and chargers have a 3-year warranty for consumer use and a 5-year warranty for non-carbonated power tools. For professional use, power tools are guaranteed for 1 year and batteries for 6 months. SKIL products do not need to be registered.

See also other SKIL tools and spare parts from the importer. If the product you need is not in our assortment, we will order it.

Technical specifications
Power output: 300 W
Vibration angle left/right: 1,4 º
Idle speed: 11000-20000 movements/min
Voltage/Frequency: 220-240 V/50-60 Hz

Delivery content:

  • SKIL 1491 - multifunctional tool
  • Abrasive papers (3x gr60, 3x gr120, 3x gr180)
  • Sanding base plate
  • Segmented saw blade HSS (87 mm)
  • Reciprocating saw blade for wood (32 mm)
  • Depth limiter
  • Vacuum cleaner connection
  • Cutting wrench
  • User manual

Noise and vibration levels

  • Sound power:97.5 dB(A)
  • Vibration value (screwdriving):3.4 m/s²
  • Deviation (K):1,5 m/s²

Additional information

weight 2 kg (kilograms)
Dimensions 20 × 35 × 10 cm (centimetres)

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