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Aroma Sense offers enjoyable showers. Timeless stylish swamp heads last year after year. Whenever you change the filter whenever necessary, the shower pleasure awaits you in your own bathroom every day. Aromagel cartridges provide extra joy as they moisturize and care for the skin. Fragrances have a choice, so you're sure to find your own favorite.

AS-9000 shower gift box as a gift for friend or mother
Aroma Sense Pure Rain Power Filter

Luxury spas and hotels rely on Aroma Sense

Many luxury spas and Hilton hotels around the world have chosen Aroma Sense because of the shower pleasure it offers. Aroma Sense is an easy way to get the same shower pleasure at home.

Aroma Sense Finland Oy is strongly involved in the product development of the factory that manufactures the products. In Finland, Aroma Sense can be visited by our resellers and we are happy to provide more information about the products.

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