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Welcome to the shower world of Aroma Sense

Luxurious shower pleasure

Aroma Sense makes everyday showering a luxurious pleasure. Thanks to its unique technology, Aroma Sense pampers and moisturizes dry skin and hair. As with aromatherapy, you can choose the scent you want in your bathroom. Thanks to the filtration, the shower space also stays clean.
Aroma Sense promotes a comfortable feeling. The water coming from the shower embraces the skin like gentle summer rain.
Aroma Sense neutralizes the drying effect of chlorine added to tap water by almost 100%.
Vitamin C and wonderfully moisturizing scents. Choose your own or scentless option according to your mood. Aroma Sense can uplift your mood, relieve temporary stress and help with relaxation.
Aroma Sense lavender aroma
The Aroma Sense shower head plate increases the water pressure to just the right level so that your shower experience is always perfect. A Waterfall in your own home.

Without conditioner

Easily combed and soft hair

Aroma Sense is excellent for Your hair, as the shower head brings out the natural qualities of the water. After showering, the hair is easy to comb and feels great. Many have noticed that there is no greenish tint to the hair. This is because Aroma Sense filters iron and copper out of the water.

Clean shower

Aroma Sense filters out impurities

The Aroma Sense shower head filters water contaminants such as lime, rust and other metals. The shower head filter is replaceable, with many types available. Antibacterial ceramic balls, soften the water and neutralize bacteria. That’s why Aroma Sense offers the purest shower pleasure. After the shower, you will feel relaxed and fresh.

Luxurious, high quality, comfortable

Aroma Sense shower heads

The Shower head is the most important part of the shower system. If you want the shower to feel like a pampering summer rain or a refreshing waterfall, then replace your shower with the Aroma Sense shower head. It fits all common shower models. You just unscrew the old shower head and replace it with Aroma Sense shower.
Aroma Sense moisturizing shower
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Aroma Sense

Aromagel benefits
Vitamin C neutralizes the drying effect of the chlorine from tap water. Vitamin C makes tap water more lake-like (acidic). It is good for the skin and hair. Different scents affect mood, for example, lemon refreshes. The gel contains oil that moisturizes.
Have aroma gels been allergy tested?
Yes they have! Gels should not cause allergies. An odorless alternative is available for those who are sensitive to fragrances. Everyone is different, so some flavor ingredients may not be suitable for everyone.
What substances does the aroma gel contain?
Essential aroma oil, dextrin, gum arabic, pectin, vitamin C and distilled water.
Moisturizing shower Aroma Sense


Treat yourself to a luxurious shower every day

Order your own Aroma Sense shower or ask for it as a gift from someone who wants to pamper you.

Hannele Launomaa

I bought at a fair and it´s absolutely wonderful.I would like to buy it for all friends and relatives. But little by little, I buy this as gifts. Really worth the price.

Niko Rautio

”My wife loves the product. As an engineer, I calculated that the product saves lots of money. The water feels very comfortable on the skin with this shower head. ”

Mari Happonen

”Aroma Sense Prestige Gold shower truly fullfills all promises : Pleasant shower spray, skin and hair feels better than before. Beautiful design and aromas are luxury! 🙂 Water saving is bonus! ”

Consumes less water

Aroma Sense saves water and energy

As amazing as it sounds, Aroma Sense offers enjoyable shower moments without losing washing efficiency. The Best shower head for saving water. When water comes at a comfortable pressure, you require less time to shower. With a high pressure water flow, you can even wash walls from 3 meters away. Aroma Sense shower heads save between 20 and 50 percent of water compared to a standard shower head.
Shower AromaSense-Prestige