Saves water and energy

Save both energy and water by increasing shower pressure and the decreasing the need to for warm water. Results immediately –  save up to 25-50%!
water optimising shower

Keeps the bathroom facilities clean

Aroma Sense filters out contaminate, such as rust. Special ceramic antibacterial beads filter helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. The clean result can also be shown in the  bathroom. The results speak for themselves.
shower that really cleans

Built with luxury - in every detail

With Aroma Sense shower heads you can offer both luxury and a chance to save the nature as well as money,
Shower luxury with Aroma Sense

A unique shower experience

One major thing to keep your hotel visitors and tenants happy. In addition to the money save, Aroma Sense shower head brrgs spa to each and every bathroom. Aroma Sensen shower head oils provide an uplifting scent which enhances relaxation and alleviates stress.
Aromasense troopppinen suihku

oma oils provides an uplifting scent which enhances relaxation and alleviates stress

Aroma Sense shower heads fit all normal showers. They are fast and easy to install. Results can be seen immediately.
shower head Arofix

With Aroma Sense shower head you will be able to nourish your skin and hair with c-citamin an aroma oil

Aroma Sense shower head produces an amount C-vitamin equivalent to 3,000 lemons during a shower. Vitamin C cartridge neutralises chlorine and nourishes your skin & hair to prevent dryness.
Aromasense lemon cartridge

Soft shower that leaves you truly clean d

Aroma Sense shower head makes the shower soft with the water coming in a wider area. The effect feels soft  an amazing,giving a massaging feeling in the shower. With the purified water without e.g. chlorine you can rinse you hair  in a fraction of time and feel all the way ssuperclean!

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