Wall mounted shower Aroma Sense Arofix-01

119,00 109,00 sis ALV 24%

Arofix-01 wall mounted shower head brings the freshness of a waterfall to your bathroom. The stream of shower is extra soft and relaxing. This shower is developed to enhance health and wellness.

Model differs from the picture, it has convex shower head plate and the stream is wider.


  • Filters calcium, metals and other impurities. Keeps your bathroom cleaner.
  • Antibacterial beads soften the water and neutralise possible bacteria.
  • Moisturising effect (helps with treating dry skin)
  • Saves water and energy (almost 120€ in a year*)
  • Neutralises chlorine’s drying effect
  • Aroma therapeutic effect (8 different scents)
  • Optimises water pressure
  • Patented technology
  • Turns your shower into a luxury experience
  • This product contains lemon scent aroma cartridge
  • Aroma cartridge will last 12 000L / Up to 4 months in family of four people.
  • Aromigeelipatruuan käyttö-ikä 12 000L / up to 4 months in a family of 4. You can check the aroma gel options from here.
  • The shower head saves water about 15-20%.

*) In a family of 4 who heats their water with electricity. These numbers are based on the information provided by Vattenfall, Motiva and HSY.

NB: Contains only wall mounted shower head.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 cm


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