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Power filter for Aromica shower 3pcs

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Cleaner showers with Water Lab shower filter

The shower water filter is for you if you want to increase the filtration efficiency of your shower even more. With this Water Lab shower filter, you can replace the Aromica shower gel cartridge if you wish. Includes 3 filters.



Power filter Aromica for shower Features: 

The Water Lab power filter filters larger particles such as lime, iron, manganese, copper, rust and microplastics. Keeps your floors cleaner, as there are far fewer limescale stains than before. The spray label will say Aromica or WATER LAB.

Power filter for Aromica shower, shower water filter recommended filter replacement interval approx. 6 months. Suitable for Aromica hand shower models such as ARO800, ARO900. Sediment filter for shower is an easy and efficient way to filter contaminants from well or tap water. The water purifier is excellent for filtering metals that stain especially light hair.

Tap water can contain many contaminants. Factors such as the age of the pipes, the materials used, the quality of the tap water and the minerals and metals it contains can all play a role. Limescale, iron, copper, rust, etc. are easily carried from tap water to the skin and into the bathroom, causing dry skin and discolouration of bathroom tiles. Now you can say goodbye to chalky tiles, shower glasses and dry skin. Just install the Water Lab filter in place of the Aromica shower gel cartridge and enjoy clean showers.

  • The shower filter is suitable for ARO800, ARO900, ARO100 and ARO1250. WATER LAB LAB800, LAB900, LAB800ACF, LAB900ACF for shower.
  • The sediment filter has a filtration density of 5 micrometres.

A power shower filter, or shower filter, is a device that is installed in the water pipe of a shower or at the end of a shower to filter out impurities and improve the water quality of the shower.

The use of a power filter can offer several advantages, such as:

  1. Skin and hair health: filtering the water you use in the shower can help remove harmful substances that can dry out your skin and hair.
  2. Allergies: filtered water can reduce exposure to allergens.
  3. Water quality: shower filters improve the water quality of your shower by removing impurities, making your shower more pleasant.

There are different types of power filters and their filtering performance varies. For best filtration, use an activated carbon filter. The WATER LAB power filter is suitable for Aromica and WATER LAB showers. This sediment filter is not compatible with Aroma Sense showers.

Installation is relatively simple, the filter comes from the Aromica or WATER LAB shower arm.

Additional information

weight 0,2 kg (kilograms)
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 1 cm (centimetre)

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