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Shower water filter Pure Rain 3pcs

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Degrees cleaner showers with Pure Rain water filters

Shower water filter Pure Rain is for you who want to boost the shower's filtration efficiency as before. With this Pure Rain power water filter, you can replace the aroma gel cartridge of the Aroma Sense shower head if desired. Contains 3 filters.



Features of shower water filter Pure Rai:

Pure Rai's power filter filters larger particles such as lime, iron, manganese, copper and rust, as well as microplastics. Keeps your floor cleaner, as there are significantly fewer lime stains than before.

Shower water filter Pure Rain filter recommended replacement interval approx. 6 months. Suitable for Aromica and Aroma Sense hand shower models such as ARO800, ARO900, AS-9000, AS-9000RB, AS-Prestige, and AS-701. The shower filter is an easy and effective way to filter impurities from well or tap water. The water purifier is excellent for filtering out metals that stain, especially light-coloured hair.

There can be a lot of impurities in tap water. Influential factors include the age of the pipes, materials, the quality of tap water and the minerals and metals it contains. Lime, iron, copper and rust, among others, are easily transported from tap water to the skin and bathroom, causing the skin to dry and the tiles in the bathroom to discolore. Now you can say goodbye to lime tiles, shower glasses and dry skin. Simply install the Pure Rain water filter in place of the aroma gel cartridge on the filter Aroma Sense shower head and enjoy clean showers.

The shower filter fits the AS-Grand overhead shower when you remove the plastic cap from the filter.

See. AS-9000, AS-Prestige

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