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SKIL tire changer tool kit 3153 air compressor and 3280 nutrunner

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SKIL tire changer tool kit.

The SKIL 3153 is a powerful battery-powered air compressor ideal for filling car or bike tires, balls, rubber boats and air mattresses.

The SKIL 3280 carbon brushless nut wrench is efficient, making it easy to remove bolts and nuts.

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SKIL tire changer tool kit

SKIL 3153 CA Wireless air compressor, charger and 2.0 Ah battery

The SKIL 3280 carbon brushless nutrunner is powerful, making it easy to screw and unscrew bolts and nuts.

The brushless motor is faster and stronger and lasts ten times longer than a similar brushed motor. The tool has three different speed/power modes. "Reverse control mode" ensures that the tool automatically stops when rotating in the opposite direction when the bolt or nut has opened.

The compact and lightweight battery shock wrench has a high-quality aluminum gearbox that makes the tool more durable. With an LED indicator that indicates the forward / backward direction, you can always immediately see in which direction the tool is spinning. With the LED light, you can change tires even in low light conditions. The ergonomic design of the tool and the padded handle ensure excellent comfort of use.

The wrench has a 5-year warranty and other parts have a 3-year warranty without registration and is part of the SKIL Energy Platform product family, where one battery fits all tools and chargers.

See also other SKIL tools and spare parts from the importer. If the product you need is not in our assortment, we will order it.

Specifications, wrench:
• Brushless: Yes
• Placenta Type: 1/2" Square
• LED Light: Yes
• Max. impact velocity: 0-2800/3200
• Hard joint max. torque: 250 nm
• Net weight without battery: 1.2 kg
• Idle rpm: 0-2100/2400
• - Speed control switch: Yes
• Voltage: 20V Max

Specifications, compressor:
Voltage: 18 V
Emptying volume: 800 l/min
Capacity: 800 l/min
Max.. Pressure: 11 bar
Two power supplies: 12V DC and 20V Max battery
LED light ensures the comfort of work in poor lighting conditions
The compact device is easy to carry around
Automatically turns off when the required air pressure is reached
Clear digital LIQUID CRYSTAL PRESSURE GAUGE makes the device easy to use

Package Contents:
• SKIL 3280 cordless nutrunner body
• SKIL 3153 battery compressor frame
• 1pcs 20V Max 2.0Ah "Keep Cool™" battery
• Charger 3122 (2.4A, charging time 0.45h/2.0Ah)
• 6.35mm/1/4" hex adapter
• belt clip
• Presta adapter and ball filling needle
• 3 pcs user manual

The SKIL 3153 is a powerful battery-powered air compressor ideal for filling car or bike tires, balls, rubber boats and air mattresses. The tool has high pressure and high power functions. You can use either a 20V Max Energy Platform battery or a 12 V DC battery (vehicle battery). When using the high pressure function, the LCD display shows a clear pressure gauge and target pressure. You can use the buttons to set the target pressure. The tool switches off automatically when the required pressure has been reached. Different accessories are required for different filling tasks. One of the handy features of this wireless air compressor is the integrated storage compartment for different accessories. Thanks to this, you always have the right accessory at your fingertips. The standard equipment of the SKIL 3153 CA includes a Presta valve adapter, a balloon filling needle, a compression valve adapter and a high-pressure air hose. The battery is not included.

Flexible battery system equipped with "Keep Cool™" and "ActivCell™" technology
This tool is part of the SKIL "Energy Platform": a flexible battery system. "20V Max" (18 V) lithium-ion batteries ensure optimal reliability. These batteries are designed for all "Energy Platform" tools, so the same battery can be used in all of them. "Energy Platform" tools are available with or without batteries, so you may not need to buy new batteries and chargers with new tools. This battery is also equipped with "Keep Cool™" and "ActivCell™" battery technology. "Keep Cool™" cools the battery cells and prevents them from overheating. This extends the running time by up to 25% and doubles the battery life! "ActivCell™" technology optimizes efficiency, prevents overheating and maximizes battery performance.

Additional information

weight 3 kg (kilograms)
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 16 cm (centimetres)

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