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SKIL 3550 CA carbon brushless impact drill 165mm

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The SKIL 3550 CA BRUSHLESS CORDLESS CIRCULAR SAW is the ideal sawing tool for sawing depths of up to 61 mm. The brushless motor is faster, stronger, and more durable.

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SKIL 3550 CA non-carbon brushless-percussion drill 165mm

Durable circular saw with brushless motor and sawing depth up to 61 mm
The "20V Max" (18 V) SKIL 3550 is a great sawing tool for sawing depths up to 61 mm. The brushless motor is faster and more powerful, and lasts ten times longer than a comparable brushed motor. The LED light ensures good visibility of the workpiece. Adjustable foot plate allows for bevel cuts up to 50°. For a cleaner working environment, the vacuum cleaner adapter can be connected to most standard vacuum cleaners. Other handy features include an electric brake for convenient working, and a lever lock for easy blade replacement. To improve durability, the circular saw is equipped with sealed ball bearings. The sealed ball bearings protect the saw from dust, extending its service life. This circular saw has an ergonomic padded handle for complete control of the tool and excellent working comfort. The SKIL 3550 CA comes with a 24-tooth carbide-tipped saw blade, a directional guide and a vacuum cleaner adapter.

Flexible battery system equipped with "Keep Cool™" and "ActivCell™" technology
This tool is part of the SKIL "Energy Platform": a flexible battery system. "20V Max" (18V) lithium-ion batteries ensure optimal operational reliability. The batteries are powerful and suitable for all "20V Max Energy Platform" tools. The same batteries can be used with electrical and garden tools. Convenient, huh? The "Energy Platform" tools are available with or without batteries, so you don't necessarily have to buy new batteries and chargers with new tools. This battery also has innovative "Keep Cool™" battery technology. "Keep Cool™" cools the battery cells, preventing them from overheating, which extends battery life by up to 25% and even doubles the battery life! "ActivCell™" technology optimizes efficiency, prevents overheating and maximizes battery performance. See also other SKIL tools from the importer. If the product you need is not in our assortment, we will order it.

Technical specifications - SKIL 3550 CA carbon brushless cordless power drill

  • Voltage:20 "V Max"
  • Voltage:18 V
  • Sawing depth 90°:61 mm
  • Sawing depth 45°:43 mm
  • Rpm unladen:5400 min-1
  • Core Ø:16 mm
  • Saw blade Ø:165 mm


  • Storage space for the pin key
  • Superior ergonomic design for maximum control and control
  • Dust removal connection for connecting a vacuum cleaner or dust bag if necessary
  • Safety switch prevents accidental start-up
  • Spindle locking for easy blade replacement
  • Dust-proof bearings for long durability
  • Electric brake for comfort and faster work
  • Part of the SKIL "Energy Platform": flexible battery system
  • LED light illuminates the sawing line, ensuring good visibility to the workpiece
  • Maximum sawing depth 61 mm at an angle of 90 degrees and 43 mm at an angle of 45 degrees
  • Brushless motor: 37 percent faster, 88 percent stronger, and ten times longer lasting
  • Our patented "ActivCell™" technology optimizes efficiency, prevents overheating and maximizes battery performance
  • "Keep Cool™" battery technology means 25% longer uptime and 2 times longer service life

Noise and vibration levels

  • Tärinäarvo (puun katkaisu):< 2,5

Additional information

weight 5 kg (kilograms)
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm (centimetres)

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