Encode synergy led lamp, bluetooth speaker and cooler.

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The Coduu Synergy pro 50 is an LED lamp with a smartly designed multifunctional trough for flowers, interior decoration products or cooling wine on ice, for example. The luminaire also has a high-quality speaker that allows you to listen to music wirelessly from any compatible Bluetooth device. The Coduu Synergy pro 50 is an interior element that, thanks to its long-lasting battery life, works both inside and on the terrace or balcony, protected from rain. The stylish Danish design is well suited for any modern home. Codeu Synergy pro can be found in three sizes and is made of high-quality and durable polypropylene. It also has a high-quality leather handle and beautifully finished aluminum details. Code Finland. Here you can find the largest KOODUU Synergy PRO 65

The Pro versions of the encoding can be paired with a Kooduu of any size within a radius of 40 meters. By pairing several Coduu lamps with each other, you get a great atmosphere in the yard!

From this you can see the differences in size, in relation to the hanging chair.

Technical data
Dimensions: 31.7 cm x 56.3cm
Weight: 2,65 kg
Battery life: Up to 11 hours
Charging time: 7 hours
Charging: Micro USB
Battery capacity: 2600 mAH
Charging voltage: DC 5V
Charging current: 1A


Additional information

weight 5 kg
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 58 cm