Aromapatruuna vanilla coconut 3pcs

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The package includes three aromagel cartridges vanilla coconut. Suitable for AS-9000RB, AS-9000, AS-701, AS-Grand, AS-Prestige, As-701

Vanilla raises gentle and is therefore well used in female perfumes. A person who senses a strong smell of vanilla instinctively opens his mouth a little and perhaps slips his lips. The eater of vanilla-flavoured food also focuses on the scented experience. Coconut brings a touch of exoticism to the scent. The first experience with fragrance is that the smell of the kookos is strong.

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Aroma Sense shower head vanilla coconut aroma cartridge. Suitable for all Aroma Sense showers except the Arofix-01 top shower.

  • Depending on the water consumption, for 4 families, the cartridge lasts about 2 months.
  • The cartridge is enough to filter about 6000L.
  • Eliminates the drying effect of chlorine.
  • Natural oils moisturize your skin.
  • Helps with skin dryness.
  • Aromatherapy.

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2 reviews for Aromapatruuna vanilla coconut 3pcs

  1. Lisbet (confirmed author)

    I may have expected more of what I got, the smell is stronger at the beginning, but somehow it's not so much sensory at the end of the shower anymore. The combination of fragrances messes with the final smell, but I think if we could just get vanilla or just a coconut smell, then it would be good.

    • 4H admin

      Thanks for the feedback.\nAll feedback is important to us and we know how to develop our products.

  2. Maid

    The smell surprised me very positively. That's a nice "sweet" smell. The smell is quite strong, the whole bathroom gets a scent 🙂

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