Aroma Sense AS-701 Shower


Aroma Sense AS-701 Shower head brings freshness to your bathroom. The shower has a very soft and relaxing water jet. A shower helps to treat dry and atopic skin. Many have also received help in flaking their heads. The AS-701 shower is the largest and heaviest hand shower model in aroma sense showers. This shower requires a sturdy tent for the shower. The AS-9000 shower is about half the weight of the AS-701 shower.

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Aroma Sense AS-701 Shower Features

  • Filters lime, metals and other impurities. They won't stain your bathroom anymore.
  • Antibacterial balls soften water and neutralize possible bacteria.
  • Moisturizing effect (helps in the care of dry skin).
  • Saves water and energy, up to €120 per year *)
  • Neutralizes the drying effect of chlorine.
  • Corrects low washing performance and pressure.
  • Aromaterapic shower pleasure.
  • The product contains a lemon-scented aroma gel cartridge.
  • Life of the aroma gel cartridge 6,000L / about 2 months in a family of 4 people.

*) 4 in a spiritual family that heats the water with electricity. Vattenfall, Motiva and HSY counters used for the calculation, as well as data.

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Additional information

weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 8 cm