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Aroma Sense shower for your enjoyment. Spa level shower in your home.

ARO900 offer package

130,00  incl. VAT 24%

ARO900 offer package
Includes ARO900 shower, 1 lemon flavour, 6 filters.
3 extra aromas OR 3 power filters



The ARO900 shower pack comes with a ready-to-use lemon aroma. If you would like certain extra flavours, please put a note in the message field. Otherwise we will select the flavours randomly. ARO900 exhibition package, ARO900 offer package

Aromica ARO900 shower is our NEW product. More beautiful and more durable. The holes in the shower plate are smaller than in other models. The shower plate is made so thin that it makes a wider jet of water when you open the tap wider. The diameter of the shower plate is 9cm. One centimetre larger than the AS-9000 or ARO800 shower.

The shower brings spa-level shower pleasures into your home by correcting the poor washing performance, pampering your skin with aromagels and moisturizing properties, while still saving on water consumption. ARO900 contains a filter that filters heavy metals and minerals that promote dryness of the skin, e.g. from the water. iron, lime and copper. Antibacterial balls also purify impurities from water. Wonderful everyday luxury!

With the ARO900 filter, you can say goodbye to dry skin. You can also replace the aroma cartridge with a replacement power filter. Includes a lemon-scented aromatic gel cartridge as standard. The active ingredients in the renewed Aromica aromas include Aloe Veera See here for our aroma gels and cartridge models .

Shower Aromica ARO900 Features 

  • Filters lime, metals and other impurities. They won't stain your bathroom anymore and dry your skin.
  • Antibacterial balls soften water and neutralize possible bacteria.
  • Moisturizing effect (helps in the care of dry skin).
  • Saves water and energy 40-100€ per person per year. *)
  • Neutralizes the drying effect of chlorine.
  • Corrects low washing performance and pressure.
  • Aromaterapic shower pleasure.
  • The product contains a lemon-scented aroma gel cartridge.
  • Aromatic gel cartridge lifetime 3 000 - 6000 L / approx. 1-2 months in a family of 4.


Energy saving is emphasized. Shower Aromica 900 saves about 25-50% water in the shower. It takes a lot of energy to heat the water. Due to the increased energy price, saving hot water is emphasized. The spray washes faster and with less water.

If you want more efficient filtration, an activated carbon filter is also available. The activated carbon filter also removes odours. Do not use it with aromas.

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Spray plate material : Stainless steel

Additional information

weight 0.7 kg (kilograms)
Dimensions 12 × 30 × 8 cm (centimetres)
3 aromias or 3 power filters

Aroma cartridges mix 3 pcs, Shower water filter Pure Rain 3pcs

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