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ACF activated carbon filter ARO900 for shower

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Enjoy a cleaner shower experience with the ACF activated carbon filter. Replace antibacterial balls with ARO900 in the shower. The activated carbon filter reduces stale and earthy odors from the tap water. In addition, the filter reduces heavy metals and chemical residues.



ACF activated carbon filter ARO900 for shower

Shower ACF, activated carbon filter is for you who want to boost the filtering efficiency of the jet even more. Replaces the ATO900 shower with antibacterial balls and a coated microfiber filter. The activated carbon filter also filters the fragrances, so we do not recommend this with aromas.

The jet filter filters lime, iron, copper and other solids. Makes your life easier, because the hassle of cleaning is significantly reduced in the bathroom. Also filters chlorine, chemical residues, as well as removes odors.

Bathroom floors and glass surfaces stay clean of lime, iron and rust for longer. Recommended filter replacement interval every 4-6 months. How do I know if the filter's jammed? When the filter gets clogged, the shower can become pungent, the shower may splash here and there or the water flow may deteriorate. These are signs of a blocked filter.

Tap water can have a lot of impurities. Influencing factors include the age of the pipes, materials, the quality of tap water and the minerals and metals it contains. For example, lime, iron, copper and rust are easily transported from tap water to the skin and the bathroom, causing dryness of the skin and discoloration of the bathroom tiles. Now you can say goodbye to chalky tiles, shower glasses and dry skin. Just install a water filter in place of the antibacterial balls on the Aromica ARO9000 shower head and enjoy clean showers.

The recommended filter life is about 4-6 months. The service life may vary from region to region and depending on the size of the family. You can also use the filter in the ARO900WH (white) shower.

ACF activated carbon filter ARO900 and ARO900WH for shower cleans:

  • Odors
  • microplastics
  • Heavy metals
  • Chlorine
  • pesticides
  • Solvents
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Radon
  • other organic compounds.

Replaces the ARO900 shower with antibacterial balls and a coated microfiber filter.

Additional information

weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 cm

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