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3 Aroma cartridges and filters 5pcs

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3 Aroma cartridges and filters, Three aroma cartridges of different fragrances + 5 filters for the shower model of your choice.

You can put your fragrance wishes in the comments. If all fragrances are available we will send the desired fragrances. If one scent is missing, we'll replace it with different aroma.



3 Aroma cartridges and filters 5pcs Aroma Sense sprayed.

Choose your favorite fragrance! You can put scent wishes in the comments.

Aromatherapy with Aroma Sense shower

The aroma cartridge, together with the filter, will affect your skin and remove the drying effect of chlorine, for example. Its natural oils moisturize your skin, and the bathroom scent is awesomely fresh and citrusy after showering.

How does aromagel work in the shower?

Aroma cartridge releases flavourings into the water passing through the shower, which brings fragrance to the shower water. Vitamin C and essential oils fondle your skin, making it soft and fresh-smelling. A shower helps with skin dryness, flaking, atopy or psoriasis. Aroma Sense shower heads with filters also filter harmful minerals and metals from the water, such as aluminium, copper, fluorides and lime. Aroma Sense aroma cartridge can also be used to drink aromatic spray water, as it has no harmful ingredients at all.

    • Depending on the water consumption, for 4 families, the cartridge lasts about 2 months.
    • The cartridge filters about 6000L.
    • Removes the drying effect of chlorine.
    • Natural oils moisturize your skin.
    • Helps with skin dryness.
    • Aromatherapy. Contains natural flavourings such as essential oils.

Read Aroma Sense experiences on fabook.

Additional information

weight 0.23 kg (kilograms)
Dimensions 17 × 9 × 2 cm (centimetres)
Microfiber filter

AS-9000, AS-701, AS-Prestige

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