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Toilet Paper Racks

Easy-to-care toilet paper racks from rubineta EDELA series. The beautiful black angular design updates the toilet paper rack once and for all for this decade. See also other toilet paper racks.

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  • SALE EDELA Rubineta black bathroom furniture. Products of brass and glass. Stylish towel rack, soap rack and towel hook.

    Bathroom accessory set Rubineta EDELA, 5 pieces

    100,00  incl. VAT 24%
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  • SALE Bathroom accessory set Rubineta ESTE chrome contains 4 accessories for toilet space. Toilet brush, toilet paper rack with lid, towel hook and towel bar.

    Bathroom accessory set Rubineta ESTE 4 parts

    25,00  incl. VAT 24%
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  • SALE MINI Rubineta set with a simple beautiful and practical design.

    Bathroom accessory set Rubineta MINI 5 parts

    30,00  incl. VAT 24%
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  • SALE Rubineta ESTE toilet paper rack, deck.  Simple formatting combined with shape and practicality. Stainless steel. chromium.

    Toilet paper rack with lid Rubineta ESTE chrome

    17,00  incl. VAT 24%
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  • SALE Stylish and graceful rubineta MINI black toilet paper rack

    Toilet paper holder black, Rubineta MINI

    12,00  incl. VAT 24%
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  • SALE Easy-to-care toilet paper rack rubineta EDELA series. Beautiful black angular design.

    Toilet paper holder Rubineta EDELA black

    29,00  incl. VAT 24%
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  • SALE The simple Rubineta ROTE toilet paper rack is high quality chromed stainless steel. The edge at the end of the clip prevents the roller from falling off the rack. Elegant design.

    toilet paper rack Rubineta Rote, Stainless steel

    10,00  incl. VAT 24%
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